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2019年7月 1日 (月)

Having a clogged drain is the worst

Having a clogged drain is the worst. You wait for the water to go down, and you
wait, and you wait. Eventually, you realize that it’s not happening, or at least
it isn’t happening fast enough for your liking. What could be down there this
time? You think about heading out to the store for some Liquid-Plumr, but that
stuff is so expensive. Isn’t there a cheaper way to unclog the drain. Maybe some
amateur plumbing secrets? Well, as a matter of fact, there are. Here are a few
great ways to unclog that drain using only natural methods that won’t cost Garden
you an arm and a leg.

Use Water
While it may sound
boneheaded, water makes a rather good weapon in the plumbing war. If the drain
is only somewhat clogged, water pressure itself may be enough to remove the
clog. For instance, if the clog is in your bathtub, fill the tub up with around
30 gallons of water. This pressure will provide enough emphasis to remove a
small clog from the drain. If it doesn’t work the first time, try it again.

Most people have vinegar already hanging around in their
kitchen cabinets. Combine the vinegar with a bit of baking soda to make a nice
homemade drain cleaner. Pour the mixture down the drain and you’ll be
participating in one of the most natural plumbing solutions there is. Cover the
drain with a towel to keep the mixture from coming back out. Wait a half hour
and begin pouring some boiling hot water down the drain. For even medium sized
clogs, this solution will often do the trick.

Use a Plunger
Most of
you are probably used to bringing out the plunger to unclog the toilet, but it
can work just as well Basin
on other clogs as well. Purchase a smaller sized plunger and keep it
exclusively for kitchen sink use. You’ll find that more often than not it is
more than capable of removing even the toughest clogs, especially when used as
part of an unclogging regimen that uses all of the above suggestions.

course, there will be times when no natural or chemical solution will work to
unclog a drain. In that case, you should always contact a plumbing professional.
Trying to fix the problem yourself could cause damage to your pipes and
drainage. It may be expensive, but it is usually best in the long run.